Tuesday, January 26, 2010



There are no words to describe the satisfaction of catching your own fish and having them grilled or steamed there and then! All the fishes here are fed with only top quality organic food and water supply to the ponds come directly from the rivers around the area.


For all fruit lovers, especially our King Fruit - Durian, we have all types of durians in Tanah Aina. You can try D24, Musang and Kampung durian - your choice!!! We can also prepare pulut santan to go with it, if you like.

For those who are not so keen with durian (like me...), you can enjoy the sweet succulent fresh fruit right off the trees like manggis, dokong, nangka (jack fruit), rambutan, papaya, pineapple, langsat and duku.



We do not let the land in Tanah Aina go to waste without planting various types of vegetables and fruit trees.

Besides using the Kacang botol, cucumber, kacang panjang, chillies to cook for our inhouse guests, these vegetables and fruits are also sold cheaper than the market price. The most important thing, it's really fresh!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010


(Lot 798 Jalan Tras, Bentong, Pahang)

Tanah-Aina Farouq is located 8km from Tanah Aina Azareena and is by far the largest section of the Tanah Aina estate.

Commercial breeding ponds are also housed here. The irrigation and filtration system of these ponds is unique as water flows in from the river and is pumped out again to the river. The constant fresh river water and special feed result in high quality commercial fish.

Perched on a hilltop, an enchanting, comtemporary yet cosy bungalow sits comfortably surrounded by a variety of fruit trees. Wonderful scents emanating from these fruits will most definitely entice and whet the appetite of holiday makers who choose Tanah-Aina Farouq as their next holiday destination.

Wake up in the morning greeted by the cool morning breeze, the fuffling of leaves and the blissful melody of birds. Imagine the soft morning sun on your face as clean, fresh air fills your lungs, invigorating you, every sight and sound stimulating your senses.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


(Lot 874, Jalan Tras, Raub, Pahang)

Tanah-Aina Farrah Soraya is located 5km from Tanah Aina Azareena. To get there, a four wheel drive or off-road vehicle is needed as you travel deeper into the heartland of Pahang's jungles.

V-shaped turns and narrow, bumpy dirt roads on the edge of deep gullies await you as you pass through rough terrain. The journey to Farrah Soraya is an adventure in itself! Once there, you are greeted by a crystal clear stream connected to 3 waterfalls. It is a short jungle trek across the river and climb to the 1st waterfall. It has a place where you can do free jumping. The best part is, this is a private waterfall - so privacy and peace is assured.

The 2nd water is 10 minutes away. Once there, you must follow a trail to the last, biggest and most beautiful waterfall here. It is huge, deep and inviting. The water is cool and clear. Use of life jacket is a must for swimming as the current is very strong.


(Lot 4753, Jalan Tras, Bentong, Pahang)

Tanah-Aina Azareena is located in Bentong, approximately 10km after exiting Bentong town. Clean, cool, crystal clear streams flow and a myriad of plants and trees can be found in abundance here. The air is filled with forest sounds of insects and birds.

A Thai Villa is available for honeymooners or couples seeking a romantic getaway. The bungalow is very cosy and has a unique charm with its fusion of modern and classic furnishings. The bedroom features an inviting romantic poster bed.

There is also a rest house available for day use and two four wheel drive vehicles to take you around as the rest of Tanah Aina is only accessible by off-road vehicle.


(Lot 6073, Karak Highway, Lentang, Bentong, Pahang)

Tanah Aina Fareena is located in Lentang, Bentong 52.2 km from the Karak toll. Its peaceful and quiet green surroundings makes it an ideal place for yoga and meditation. A crystal clear stream flows through the property. The water is cool, clean and good to drink straight from the source. The water from this stream tastes as good, if not better, than any premium mineral water sold.

Fruit bearing trees are grown throughout the land as well and you can enjoy the sweet, succulent fresh fruit right off the trees. Passion Fruit, Mango, Durian, Ciku, Pulasan, Nangka, Pineapple, Langsat, Papaya, Duku, Rambutan are among the fruits grown at Tanah Aina Fareena.

There is an observation tower and lookout point here which offers a breathtaking view of the unspoilt jungle for miles.


Welcome to the treasure trove of nature known as Tanah Aina, a Garden of Eden just an hour's drive away from the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur.

Tanah Aina is a vast forest estate which consists 5 different locations - Raub, Bentong and Lentang in Pahang as well as another estate located in Ulu Langat, Selangor. Each location is unique and serves its own purpose in preserving nature.

A non-profit organization, Tanah Aina or 'Aina's Land' was founded by one of Malaysia's leading businesswoman as an enduring legacy of her deep passion, enthusiasm and genuine love towards Mother Nature. The name 'Aina' in itself is taken from the name of the founder and owner.


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